film by stephen gurewitz
Happy Birthday Rita is a bittersweet story of two broken-hearted strangers living in New York City who bond through a shared loneliness. Aimless and lovesick, Alin drifts through his daily routine. As the last remnants of his past love begin to slip away, he employs the services of Charley, an equally broken-hearted call girl. The two form an unconventional relationship as Charley takes on the role of Alin's lost love. In re-staging these moments from the past, Alin fulfills his need to reclaim lost memories, while Charley, just as attached to her past, finds comfort in temporarily becoming a different person.
zakka west
film by mikael colville-andersen
Zakka West is a simple portrait of this generation of individuals who increasingly shy away from relationships in the pursuit of Self. It is a live story with focus on the two people involved and not much else. Olly & Lulu. After all, love isn’t a team sport. It is a 2 people battling inner emotions with little regard for the world around them. It’s an indiefilm about 2 people determined to be independent.
The film portrays the naivete inherent in this modern individualism and it does so with an elegant simplicity. In the dramaturgy, in the characters and in the uncomplicated soundtrack, featuring melancholy pop and blues by new Danish artists like Saybia, Jupiter Day, Racing Ape, among others.
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The Films of Wes Anderson: Universal Themes in Peculiar Worlds

By Marc Ingber

May 2009

Generally speaking, I’m not the type of guy who remembers the dates and times of notable events... 

vhcle 09:film
Short Films . Aaron Ruell
[watch here] [watch here]
written & directed by aaron ruell
A black comedy about a good catholic girl who is visited by a holy messenger. When she confides in her parents, she is forced to choose between either accepting a messianic calling, or obeying the counsel of the adults in her life.

The movie was selected for the 2005 Sundance Film Festival.
Runtime: 5 mins
Everything’s Gone Green
written & directed by aaron ruell
A man (played by Hamish Linklater) who has not left the building he works and lives in for 14 years, meets a receptionist (Alexandra Holden) eager to understand more about his mysterious life.
The movie was selected for the 2005 Sundance Film Festival.
Runtime: 18 mins
Lasting Impressions:
A look Back at a Decade in Film

Marc Ingber
I was a senior in college the summer of 2004 when “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy,” came out in theaters. I don’t remember its release.
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