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Tim Sunderman|Photography
September 2009 . vhcle showcase
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09:tim sunderman photography  |  vhcle showcase 2009 

These four images are purely exercises in the aesthetic of surface texture and pigment. Polaroid transfers of non-photographs.

Two of the sweetest models I've ever had to work with. Honestly. Polaroid transfers
on plaster.
Three even sweeter models. The first is sepia black and white hand coloured with oil paint. The second is a polaroid transfer print on hand made paper. The third a black and white portrait in a cemetery.
In San Francisco, as well as almost any urban area, there are so many amazing details and perspectives depending on how we orient our point of view. The victory statue and post office eagle are polaroid transfers.

Early morning fog is the best. This is an oak tree on a steep hill in the Mount Diablo foothills in December.

Light passing through the back window of a crypt, overgrown with ivy, light reflecting off the textured glass from the front. I am reminded of how delicate this life is, how it can dissolve away so quickly to reveal what lies behind. Digital photograph.

Tim Sunderman is an illustrator who is also a fulltime college graphic design instructor in the San Francisco Bay Area. Never content in a single medium, he has experimented broadly with photography, video, writing, and even marble sculpture. But graphic design still pays the bills.
Articles by Tim Sunderman:

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