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The Photography Work of Phoebe Dahl (Ugly Duckling), June 2011 Vhcle Magazine Issue 6, Photography
You were previously on the cover of our Issue One as one of the models for Nikki Garcia... it's nice to have you involved again. This time featuring some of your photography work. Can you tell us a little about your start in this field?
It's a magical, fateful story actually. I started off pursuing fashion design, which is where I met Nikki Garcia, studying in San Francisco. Upon graduating, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to broaden my horizons and open my eyes to more of the fashion world (no pun intended). So I applied to London College of Fashion and enrolled myself into a styling and photography course. Upon entering, I figured that I would veer more towards the styling aspect of the course, since that's what I was familiar and comfortable with. As time passed, I became envious of the freedom and fun the photography students were having and how wildly creative it all was. I felt as if I was being suppressed; similar feelings to being punished as a child where you watch out the window at all your friends still playing in the sun, having a marvelous time... so being the "grass is always greener on the other side" kind of girl, I switched to photography, without looking back. Since then I feel as if I can feel my blood for the first time, and am mighty proud of all the wild green grass growing on my side of the fence.
We are featuring your fashion photography series titled Ugly Duckling. What was your inspiration for this series?
Pachelbel's Canon in D Major is intended to accompany these photographs. Canon in D Major is my favorite song, a personal fail-proof go-to song to brighten up my day. The song goes through a melodic journey, from highs to lows, playful to serious, in love to broken hearted, emulating the story and emotions of the Ugly Duckling - a lonely bird, lost in a desolate land, unaware of its emerging changes and striking beauty.
What are your future aspirations as a fashion photographer?
Wow, what a big question. I have so many! But for starters and to keep this directly on topic, I would love to be an established freelance photographer, with the creative freedom to art direct my own productions and the financing to really make my vision a reality. It's not easy trying to create a portrayal of the magical land that appears in my head. I try to formulate an idyllic fantasy world filled with pastel colors, fairies, goblins, lush fields, dark and foggy caves and scary monsters, enhancing the magical of  ‘magical realism’. Some would say I often carry too many eggs for my basket, so I am on the hunt for a set/prop designer, hopefully with a creative click that could last a lifetime.
Would you mind sharing a fun fact about yourself that you wouldn't mind our readers knowing?
I have a pet pig named Francis Bacon who lives with me in my family home in Los Angeles and thinks she's a dog.
Favorite drink?
Fresh warm milk before bedtime, with a drop of vanilla.
2011: The Photography Work of Phoebe Dahl
ugly duckling
Phoebe draws upon childhood ideals to create a deliciously magical and wildly irresistible fantasy world. Embellished with the whim of dancing fairies, brushed with the dark aura of enchanted shadows looming nearby. She likes photographs that are witty and playful with a sense of elegance and beauty flowing throughout.
See more of Phoebe’s featured work on p72 in Issue 6 of Vhcle Magazine.