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The Photography Work of Matthew Tischler (Screen Series), June 2011 Vhcle Magazine Issue 6, Photography
Can you tell us a little more about yourself that we didn't get in your bio?
I am an actor and performer as well as a visual artist. The last play I appeared in was “America Hurrah” & “The Mother’s Return” at LaMama in New York City. I believe that visual arts and performing arts absolutely inform one another. It is always helpful to switch gears creatively. Hopefully that keeps the well of inspiration flowing!
In your artist statement, you explain a little about your Screen Series – what was the inspiration for this particular series?
I wanted to create a visual style that was both nostalgic and modern. There is a sense of wistful melancholia and longing associated with the hazy screens – as if one was looking out a window and daydreaming. But there is also the suggestion of a visual language of structure and code that the imposed grid suggests. I am interested in how we psychologically experience a natural landscape viewed through a window vs. a digital environment viewed through a computer screen. The Screen Series is meant to feel both artificial and natural. The simplicity of using a window screen to create a dramatic effect was very liberating for me.  
When shooting for a project, in general, what's about the percentage of photos you acutally use?
This varies with every project. However, I love the process of taking pictures and being behind the camera. It is when I feel most focused and therefore I tend to get caught up shooting. I prefer to take a lot of pictures and have options. Sometimes it really is about stumbling onto a perfect moment.
What are you most inspired by?
Inspiration is usually something that takes you by surprise and can come in many different forms. I never know what is going to inspire me; it just happens. I guess it all depends on your mood and state of mind and how outside forces affect you.
Favorite drink?
I am a fan of Cabin Still. It is a Kentucky bourbon made by Heaven Hill Distilleries. I am not affiliated with them so this isn’t a plug. Just sharing my appreciation of it.
2011: The Photography Work of Matthew Tischler
screen series
Matthew lives and works in New York City. He earned a BA in filmmaking and photo-graphy from Sarah Lawrence College. In 2007, he had a solo show at the bobparsley Galerie in Berlin, Germany. His work has also been exhibited at Real Art Ways, HEREart, Organization of Independent Artists, Viridian Artists and Gen Art. His work has been published in Photographer's Forum and the book Exploring Color Photography. Currently, Matthew is working at PBS on a six-part documentary series exploring the history of comedy in America.
See more of Matthew’s featured work on p96 in Issue 6 of Vhcle Magazine.