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Baudouin’s most improbable dreams saw him as a bassist in a New York jazz band circa 1970. However, born in France in 1977 and unable to carry off an afro hairstyle, he decided to become a photographer. That’s fate for you; sometimes the slightest detail can change your life.
Baudouin took his first photos in Ireland. He tried and tested different formats, got it to grips with light, mastered black and white photography and worked on framing his subject. He studied the work of his mentors, immersing himself in their universe and technique, his bedroom walls lined with compositions by Henri Cartier-Bresson, Martin Parr’s colour photography, and witty images by Elliott  Erwitt. Baudouin honed his style; on returning to Paris, he began specialising in colour portraits.
Baudouin never really looks at you. He tries to capture a hidden reality. With his Hasselblad firmly screwed to the tripod, he constructs his composition using soft lighting. Nothing escapes the photographer’s eye. Baudouin groups together objects, piling up memories, creating a decor. He tells a story, depicting a world or sensibility. Time stands still for the duration of a photo. Baudouin feels the need to render his subject immortal. Each shot reflects an atmposphere. At the very moment when Philip Roth launched a novel, underground tickets were still purple, REM was in concert and Kellogg’s were offering 20% discounts on 500g packs of cereal. Baudouin’s aim is to stop time and in a few years his photos will be a reflection of their era.
Using a more off-the-wall, timeless approach, Baudouin has also turned his attention to canine nonchalance. Nothing surprises our four-legged friend. Models for a day, against kitsch backgrounds, they strike a mischievious pose.
Jean-Baptiste Gendame
See Baudouin’s photography work in Issue 5 of Vhcle Magazine.
The Photography work of Baudouin / I am a Parisian Lady, March 2011
Vhcle Magazine Issue 5, Photography

2011: The Photography Work of Baudouin