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2011: The Illustration of Blanca Gómez

The Illustration Work of Blanca Gómez (Cosas Mínimas), June 2011 Vhcle Magazine Issue 6, Art

What are some of the key factors that started your career as an illustrator?

I wouldn't talk about key factors, since I started my career as an illustrator in a very gradual and natural way. I've been drawing since I remember, but never considered being an illustrator as a feasible option. I worked as a graphic designer for many years. After some years working as a graphic designer, I began to draw more and more, and to transfer my drawings to the computer. What was initially meant to be a personal project gradually and naturally turned into a professional project.

We've noticed you do photography as well – is this something you pursue profesionally?

Absolutely not. Although I studied photography a long time ago, it has become just a hobby, and this is the reason I enjoy it. Actually, I think I'm becoming more & more a "tourist photographer", since I only take pictures when I travel, and always with my (not so technical) Lomo LC-A camera.

You've done quite a few illustrations for publications - any that stand out from the rest?

I don't know... I like the last illustration that I've done. I enjoyed it
because I had to illustrate a story from Woody Allen that he wrote for New
Yorker Magazine in 1968, and because I had to depict Woody Allen himself.

What would be your perfect day?

Any day that involves waking up a little late, taking in a good breakfast, working a little, and strolling around the city (preferably a city different than mine!).

Favorite drink?

Water, and "Marianito azul" (blue Marianito). This second one is a kind of blue vermouth in a martini glass  that you can enjoy only in one pub in Bilbao (Basque country).
cosas mínimas
See more of Blanca’s featured work on p50 in Issue 6 of Vhcle Magazine.
Blanca Gómez lives and works in Madrid, Spain. She is an illustrator and graphic designer. Her website is called "cosas mínimas,” which means "tiny things" in Spanish. Simple things inspire her and her work, which has been described as "colourful” and "whimsical.” She works on projects ranging from editorial comissions, interior design, stationery, books and advertising.