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Nicholas Wray / Photographer, L Room, September 2011 Vhcle Magazine Issue 7, Photography

What inspires you as a photographer?
My main inspiration right now is to always create something better than the last thing I made. I've always tried to out-do myself. Whether it's art or photography, I'm constantly striving for the better and to grow as a photographer, as an artist. Even if I shoot the same kind of setting, I try to increase my skill in lighting, or posing, or composition. Each time I shoot, I want it to be better than my last session so that it'll be more interesting for people to look at.
What's the inspiration behind the recent LAUNCH 2011 shoot, The L Room?

It's kind of interesting, but basically I've never done a really sexy set of photos; I've never created anything that mainly focused on the female body and form. My whole goal for that set of photos was not to take typical nude girl photos, I wanted to tell a classy story. I wanted to have people walk into the L Room and see the photos and try to create their own story and to try and figure out what this girl was doing.

Were the photos planned out or were they spontaneous?

Each one of the photos were planned. I had the hotel room, the model
and the car for the day. So I didn't just walk in and take a bunch of photos. I actually story-boarded the entire shoot, so every photo played out how I wanted it to. Her entire wardrobe was supplied from Cuffs, located in midtown [Sacramento], and her hair and make-up was courtesy of Diane Peralta from Studio 28.

Are these the kind of photo shoots you'd like to do more of?

I'd like to continue to do more fun sets like these, like the Room L photo story. But I'm also working on getting into a lot more commercial photography. I originally started as a commercial photographer.
In closing, what's your favorite drink?
The Americano from Old Soul.
2011: Nicholas Wray / Photographer
Nicholas Wray is an urban photographer originally from Cincinatti, OH, now based in Sacramento, CA. He enjoys outdoor activities, cigars, people and good beer.
Website: www.nicholaswray.comhttp://www.nicholaswray.comshapeimage_19_link_0
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