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2010: Katja Sonnewend
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Q&A with Katja sonnewend
What inspires you about photography?
The impassioned and complementary relationship between time and light.
How would you define your style?
I take my time to celebrate the colour.
Describe your NYC polaroids.
New York is always very agreeable for my Polaroid and me. It's the city where time and colour could have started their romance, so my camera and I are just strolling around like a couple. The only difference: we are not blinded by love...
Any advice to new aspiring photographers?
Always be yourself; do not try to be someone else. But if you copy, do it well or only better.
What's your favorite drink?
Żubrówka on the rocks with fresh lemon juice.
Katja Sonnewend was born in Poland, grew up in Germany, studied photography and Fine Arts in the Netherlands. Currently lives and works in Berlin. Since receiving her first camera from her parents, she's been fascinated by the fact that you can keep moments of this life on a small piece of paper. Her work has been published in several international magazines like Vanity Fair (Germany), Vogue and Sleek Magazine. Group and solo shows among others in Amsterdam, Berlin, Warsaw, Israel and Nanjing.
The Photography work of Katja Sonnewend, 2010 Vhcle Magazine Issue 4, Photography
*Polaroid: New York City Polaroids series
See Katja Sonnewend’s NYC polaroids in Issue 4 Vhcle Magazine.
The photography work of