Collage work by Matt Misniewski, December 2011 Vhcle Magazine Issue 8, Design
Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I grew up in Philadelphia and went to school for computer science at RIT. I've been living and working in NYC as a web developer while I finish up my degree. I try to create as much as possible and my collages are a result.
How did you come to discover your particular style?
I've experimented with Photoshop for a long time. The work of Mark Weaver inspired me to experiment with collage. At some point I stumbled upon my current style and I haven't stopped since.
Describe what your process is like. What is integral to your work as an artist?
Initially I open a few portraits in Photoshop and experiment with quick overlays of the textures I have available. Once something catches my eye I refine the idea until I'm satisfied with how it looks. Since my work is collage it's integral that I am constantly looking for new work to inspire me or give me ideas.
What inspires you?

Other people. I'm consistently impressed by what everyone is capable of.
Favorite Drink?
Water or whisky.
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2011: Illustrator Matt Misniewski
Illustrator / COLLAGE
Matt Misniewski is a self-taught collage artist and web developer born and raised in Philadelphia. He is finishing up a computer science degree at Rochester Institute of Technology and working as a web developer. He has experimented with various artistic media for most of is life. The experience gained from this interest and the wealth of creative imagery on display on the web inspired him to create something new.