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The Illustration work of Jessica Durrant, December 2011 Vhcle Magazine Issue 8, Design
Why did you choose fashion as a subject, and watercolor as your medium?
Fashion illustration has always been something that I adore looking at. I own a few old Vogue fashion magazines from the 50s and it's chock-full of fashion illustrations. That’s where my love for it began. Seeing the golden age of fashion illustration inspired me. Many of us will never own an haute couture gown, but framing a gorgeous fashion illustration and hanging it in your dressing room somehow makes one feel glamorous.
I find that I love how fluid, striking, beautiful and chaotic watercolors can be. I like to break people’s misperception that watercolors are always painted in a muted, earth tone palette. You have to give up a bit of control when you work in watercolors, and I love that aspect of it. As in all art, sometimes you have to let loose!
What are your biggest influences in your art/life?
Life itself can be inspiring. I always try to channel anything negative in my life into something positive. My art is a result of trying to take negative obstacles in my life and make something good with it all. I also draw inspiration from fellow artists, traveling, books and, certainly, music. If I hear a really good song, it gets me in the mood to paint.
I read in your bio that travel is a huge part of your creative process. Where is the most a) beautiful, b) inspiring, c) influential place you have ever traveled?

I think the most beautiful place would be Venice, Italy.  
Regarding b and c: all of Italy is just surreal and breathtaking. But I certainly had a great experience in Rome. I was there solo, and there is something to be said about taking a trip to a foreign country on your own that is a bit transformative. When you are alone you can’t rely on anyone else but yourself, and the kindness of strangers. I love that aspect of traveling solo. Of course, I love traveling with my family and friends, but I think being on my own helped me get inspired in a way that I couldn’t if others were with me.
Name three of your favorite artists and why?
David Downton - he is really the best fashion illustrator around today. He is incredible with line work.Stina Persson - she is a contemporary illustrator whose work with watercolor influences and inspires me.Ohgushi - he is an amazing fashion illustrator who has the wet-on-wet watercolor technique down to a science.
What is your drink of choice?
I love limeade in the summer, and hot chocolate in the winter.
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2011: Illustrator Jessica Durrant
Jessica Durrant is a freelance illustrator and art instructor from Las Vegas who recently moved to Atlanta. She studied Illustration at Southern Utah University where she received her Bachelor’s. Durrant teaches art classes in Kennesaw, Georgia and has taught painting courses in Tempe, Arizona and West Chester, PA. Durrant’s art is inspired by her passion for traveling, fashion design, indie music, graphic arts, Japanese Illustration, vintage fashion magazines, and fellow artisans. Durrant says: “If I can create an image that makes the viewer, feel as happy as I did when I created it-than my job is done”. You can find more of her artwork at www.jessicaillustration.etsy.com or send her an email at jessillustration@gmail.com
Her website can be found at: www.jessicadurrant.com