The Design work of Bruce Mai, December 2011 Vhcle Magazine Issue 8, Design
What made you realize design is what you were interested in?
As a child, I found joy with playing and organizing legos. I explored ways I could snap and break apart these blocks in creating something bigger and larger than life. Castles quickly turned into spaceships and sometimes oblong and weird shapes if I didn’t have the correct pieces. In kindergarten, I found myself tracing letters in a storybook instead of reading, in hopes of improving my penmanship. Little did I know, my hunger for tinkering with blocks and type was a starting point for my journey in design.
It wasn’t until I took a few courses in design that I began to realize design allowed me to combine logic and emotion in creating an experience, similar to creating castles and spaceships with legos.
How would you describe your design style?
Although noticeably contemporary, my work conveys strong qualities of modernism and the minimalist style through emphasis on typography, strong grid use and simplicity.
In your bio, you say design is like storytelling - in what way?
Design is finding patterns, being in tune with rhythms of people, objects and nature, and discovering how these interactions connect. These patterns are able to cross pollinate, expand and then simplify. When faced with a design challenge, it is figuring how to break these patterns that excites me not only as a designer, but also as a storyteller. I find design inspirational because it allows me to appreciate simplistic things in life and transform these moments into design experiences, whether it’s through motion, print or web.
What’s one thing you can’t live without?
Besides my specs, a good conversation with good company. This is when stories are told and ideas are born; being able to share these stories and ideas among good people is something I cannot live without.
Favorite drink?
I'm always down for a Sazerac or ice cold Stella Artois.

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2011: Graphic Designer Bruce Mai
graphic Designer
Systematic, precise and logic design sensibility. Affinity for typography, strong grid use and minimalism. Inspired by rhythms of sound and vision. Bruce is is a graphic designer interested in brand experience and design strategy.