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Q&A with beki Wilson
Beki Wilson (Out of Line), March 2011 Vhcle Magazine Issue 5, Fashion
How would you describe Out of Line's style?
It’s tough for me to put into words. I design by what I love. Lots of vintage silhouettes mixed with modern lines, modern lines mixed with vintage detail, extreme editing and clean design. I’m drawn to using utilitarian fabrics in new ways and styling those garments with finer pieces. My mom has always said I’m a “free spirit” and I’ve not always been in love with the term, but it’s true. I have always had my own ideas, views and ways I like to be in the world, and these are exactly the type of women I design for.
As a designer based in Seattle, what can you tell us about the fashion scene there? 
The fashion scene in Seattle is evolving. There is lots of individual style here. More local boutiques are starting to embrace the idea of working with local independent designers. It’s a great time to be here.
What fashion designers are you influenced by?
I love Isabel Toledo for her ability to combine art and fashion, Karen Walker for the beautiful simplicity, Marc Jacobs for his interpretations and styling, and Stella McCartney for her technical ability and construction.
What about non-fashion designers?
I’m a big Neil Young fan. I’ve seen him live many times and appreciate how true he is to exactly what he wants to create. I would love to travel the world like Anthony Bourdain; he’s a later-in-life traveler like I will be. I admire how Kim Gordon combines her love of music and fashion with motherhood; not an easy thing to do. Cat Power puts me in a mood where I can move around and feel like myself.
What's your favorite drink?
Vodka martini. Dirty. Two olives.

Beki Wilson has perfected her craft the past 11 years as a skilled women’s clothing designer. After several years of experimenting and mastering cotton jersey, Out of Line has evolved to consist of meticulously designed casual separates and party dresses. Featured mainly in urban boutiques, her clothing line appeals to women who want free-spirited design with great attention to fit and wearability. Out of Line is based in Seattle, WA, and its clothes are locally made and sold online and in a handful of boutiques.
See Beki Wilson’s Out of Line fashion in Issue 5 of Vhcle Magazine.

2011: Beki Wilson (Out of Line)
SHORT MOMENT SKIRT cotton jersey folded tank top in black