A Fond Farewell (Until Next Year), June 2012 Vhcle Magazine Issue 9, Fashion.
Issue 9: A Fond Farewell (Until Next Year)
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Then there was the fur-collared long lilac coat by Lassie. My friend would always snuggle up against his mother as a child when she wore the coat. It was part of a clothing swap last fall where everyone walked away with new free clothes.
This was shortly followed by a fascination with fur vests, after seeing an episode of the Rachel Zoe project. I snagged one by June on eBay for $10. I love wearing it over and under everything, but especially over a red turtleneck. I’ll spare you the picture of the bohemian faux fur wet seal vest that I also got on eBay for $1.99, which was another steal.
Continuing an unhealthy eBay relationship, I found a perfectly-sized suede beauty in an eBay store run by a wonderful artist, photographer, designer, renaissance woman, Laetitia Hussain. This was the most expensive purchase at $35, but the coat also has a cozy shearling lining. About a month ago I was thrifting when I came upon a faux-fur coat by Lilli Ann. I would have overlooked it except for the suede trim. Plus at $10, using the double negative property of logic, I couldn’t afford NOT to buy it.
Just a week later while shopping at the used clothing store near my laundromat, I found a lightweight fur trim jacket by Napoli while my clothes were in the rinse cycle. The leather buckles are my favorite part. Since it has been a staple piece for me these past three weeks, I’ll say it was worth the $15.
It was just last weekend that I hit rock bottom while perusing a yard sale held by Jen Ayres, owner of Thunderhorse Vintage boutique. One coat has amazingly angular fur trim at the end of the sleeves. The other is a beautiful shade of orange with some bling on the cuffs. Each cost $22. I also managed to find a $6 faux stole in the mix.
Now I feel a sense of relief from being honest with the world about this obsession. I am even looking forward to opening a couple Rubbermaid tubs of shorts and tank tops – possibly coming to more earth-shattering conclusions about my own style. So until the next confessional blog, I bid you and my coats a fond farewell.
This piece was originally posted in 2009 on a now defunct Vhcle blog.

AT A CERTAIN point in the spring, there is a day - a seemingly normal pollen-filled day - when you realize there are certain winter items that should be tucked away. Parkas, wool skirts and cable knit sweaters are just not appropriate in 70 degree weather. Unless your new hobby is something like breaking out into a Bikram sweat midday.
Today was that day in sunny Sacramento. Sadly, I reflected on the many items which will be stored with cedar balls and love until a cool fall day. It also came to my attention that I developed a fashion addiction this winter, without even knowing it. I may have missed the intervention, or possibly my secret remained hidden from my dearest friends and family. Today I step out and proclaim to the world that I was in fact addicted to cheap vintage furry coats (some real, some faux).
It started innocently enough and I’ll describe the quick descent chronologically. As a side note, my ethical stance on wearing fur depends on the year it was made and the terms of purchase. All of these items were owned by someone who purchased and wore the garment many years ago. Additionally, no item cost over $35 (with tax).
A couple years back my friend’s mother gave me a coat from her younger days. A suede fur-trimmed dan di modes in perfect condition. The coat always seemed a little large but I got used to the style of the collar and it made the rounds at several dinner parties since college.
This article can be found in Vhcle Issue 9

Jen Wade lives in Sacramento, CA where she works as an environmental specialist.
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Vintage suede coat with shearling lining
Vintage dan di modes suede coat
Vintage coat by Lassie
Napoli spring jacket
Fur vest with sweater trim
Vintage orange suede coat
Now that’s a wrap!
Vintage leather coat with unique fur cuffs
Vintage faux fur and
suede coat by Lilli Ann